The Digital Evolution of CD Distribution



For more than two decades, CD Distribution carved a legacy in Latin America’s virtual entertainment market. As the purveyors of premier console and PC games and franchise-related merchandise, they were synonymous with excellence. But underneath this shining facade were challenges waiting to be addressed. Here lies a tale of transformation, partnership, and a resounding resurgence, brought to life by the synergy between CD Distribution and Dintec.

System Limitations: The Previous Landscape


In the bustling offices of CD Distribution, an old software purred its last. It was a system that did its job, yet lacked the finesse of the modern digital age. The shortcomings were glaring:

● Unyielding Data: With an unsophisticated OS, managing the precious commodity of data was an uphill task.

● A Constancy of Audits: Tireless teams were solely devoted to continual auditing, unable to flex their capabilities elsewhere.

Strategic Decision Making: The Search and Selection Process


It was a time of introspection for CD Distribution. Three promising software solutions emerged in their quest for change, but SAP, with its promise of unparalleled data security and efficiency, beckoned. The search for a trusted guide led them to us, Dintec, a name that stood out in a sea of Google results, bolstered by glowing reviews. Our vision resonated with theirs, setting the stage for a union that would reshape their trajectory.


Transitioning to Excellence: The Implementation Phase


Change, though essential, seldom comes easy. As we embarked on the journey to implement SAP:

● Navigating Challenges: From the initial resistance to adapting to new software, the road to transition was paved with trials. But with Dintec's guidance, every challenge was met and conquered.

● Redefining Roles: With SAP taking over repetitive auditing tasks, employees once tethered to mundane processes found new avenues to shine.

● Integration and Expansion: Merging their e-commerce platform with SAP, CD Distribution prepared to broaden horizons, laying foundations in Miami, with eyes set on Mexico, Colombia, and South America.





The Road Ahead: Expansion, Innovation, and Future Visions


Thomas Wensjoe, the guiding force behind CD Distribution, reflected, "In the time since implementing, we can unequivocally state that choosing SAP Business ByDesign supported by Dintec was the best decision for us. We are now underway to continue innovating throughout our regional distribution centers.


A Partnership for Growth: Reflecting on Success and Potential


For us at Dintec, the tale of CD Distribution isn’t just a success story; it's a testament to what dedicated partnerships can achieve. As we look ahead, we stand ready, eager to script many such tales of triumph.

Emerge with us, and let's shape the future of your digital story.