Maximizing the return on investment in Information Technology requires alignment with strategic business goals.

One of the main obstacles for achieving this alignment is the lack of communicating business strategy throughout the whole organization. The people in charge of the execution are not aware of the performance and how daily activities contribute to achieving the business goals.

IT strategy requires the integration of today’s IT architecture best practices along with individual contributions to optimize performance of your IT area.

Our strategic services can provide the necessary architecture to establish best practices in IT according to the business needs:

  • IT Strategic Planning
  • COBIT, ITL, HDI, PMI, ISO20000

Optimize your business and improve your performance!

Execute successful changes to your business processes by aligning them with strategic objectives that integrate key processes, people, and technology.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Finance
  • We work with our clients to make sure they are leveraging best practices for business processes and always aligning those with strategic business goals.
  • Optimizing the business process allows companies to improve performance.
  • It is very important for businesses to define their processes before looking for any software to do any automation of tasks.
  • Many businesses lack the internal processes and systems they need to efficiently scale operations in the face of growing global, digital, competitive and regulatory trends and pressures.

Make your company more competitive by increasing collaboration, productivity, and customer service

SAP solutions offer companies the automatization of business processes and are designed to solve different needs.
As a long-time SAP partner, DINTEC Consulting offers its expertise in key industry verticals providing solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises.

  • SAP Business ByDesign
  • SAP Business One
  • SAP C/4 Cloud
  • SAP Analytics Cloud

Streamline performance monitoring of key business processes!

Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Performance Management (BPM) provide companies a model for performance monitoring and analysis in business areas including planning and finance. Supporting management with both analytical and predictive data to increase the efficiency and use of resources by business unit or across the enterprise.
BI can be embedded in user defined dashboards using configurable metrics and indicators. Defining indicators based on industry standards is essential to create better and more relevant metrics and to improve corporate performance.
We offer consulting services to define the architecture and services required for the implementation of a BI strategy using methodologies and internationally recognized best practices.


Optimize your business and improve your performance

Today, companies embracing digital transformation require solutions that enable them to create, manage, store, and distribute content in digital format. This information is valuable knowledge and a company asset that must always be available for consumption by internal and external stakeholders in all places.
Content solutions focus on managing information in multiple formats, files and fonts. These solutions assist individuals in the collaborative process needed to create, organize, access, and share information.
Our services include architecture and consulting services to implement solutions for content and knowledge management across the organization to enable collaboration.


Integrate business processes with agility and flexibility!

Web Solutions allows companies to integrate business processes as needed, with less cost and complexity, offering the possibility of creating new services and additional value based on the needs of the organization (relationship with customers, partners, suppliers or employees).
An effective web architecture will become a competitive advantage, providing users security and easy access through portals where queries and transaction services can be made available.
Web enabled solutions can operate independently or integrated and connect to other services or applications as needed. This requires an architecture that facilitates access and interoperability across diverse applications, platforms, and services without compromising security.
Additionally, we provide web solution development using Open Standards technologies with the architecture and services necessary to enable business processes deployment over the Web.




Optimize processes and maximize the efficiency of your entire organization


Get strategic information with integrated analytics and reports


Manage your entire business from anywhere at any time with mobile apps


Increase the profitability of your business


Increase the productivity of your entire work team


Intelligent and adaptable system


Secure and reliable


Get more control of your company and compete with the best out there