Founded in 1994, Dintec was born due to the need of IT consulting services. As a natural evolution of growth and to expand its market, Dintec LLC, our US branch, started operations in 1997.

Throughout the years, Dintec has established strategic alliances with global companies such as SAP in search of better services and a wider offering to our clients.

In 2004, celebrating its 10th anniversary, Dintec integrated new services focused on our clients and to keep pace with the evolving IT world.

Dintec sap partner


To offer our clients consulting services and technology solutions with the highest levels of quality and service. Sharing with our people and clients a reciprocal relationship of value.


Excellence and Client Service Oriented Adaptability, Innovation and Creativity Competitiveness, Effectiveness and Profitability Integrity, Responsibility and Communication


To be recognized as a leader in consulting services and to position our solutions, adapting them to the needs of the different markets.

To cope with the evolution of the industry, a digital transformation strategy is essential