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Business process optimization is essential for our clients at Dintec therefore, we've developed a suite of software tools tailored specifically to enhance their operational efficiency.


“In our commitment to fostering food safety, we've developed the “Quality Assurance ByDintec Add-On” , a sophisticated system that facilitates the generation of quality certificates for products that mandate quality control certification prior to delivery."

"The Quality Assurance ByDintec Add-On , allows you to control and record quality control analyses conducted on your products. Moreover, it empowers you to analyze specific product characteristics to procure a quality certificate within the SAP Business ByDesign framework.

What does this Add-On include?

  • It facilitates precise product measurements to ensure optimal metrics for quality control certification.
  • It generates quality control certificates that accompany the product to the consumer.
  • It Includes a warehouse monitor that provides a visual representation of customer orders requiring certification.
  • The Lab Monitor feature displays records still awaiting certificate printing.

Benefits Quality Assurance By Dintec Add-On

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Registration and validation of analysis per product or byproducts

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The ability to create inspections and validate batches

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Efficient management of status by inspections

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Customizable validations per customer

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Warehouse monitor feature for better visibility

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Lab monitor feature for pending certificate printing

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Reference values for analysis to standardize quality control

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Category and user-specific catalogs

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Catalog by user

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Customizable print formats for better organization and presentation.

Why Choose Dintec?

Dintec is a beacon of assistance for our clients, helping them utilize, optimize, and expand their SAP Business ByDesign solutions. Additionally, we proudly bear the distinction of being the first partner to achieve SAP Recognized Expertise in SAP Business ByDesign.

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