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Customers will be able to review and download invoices in PDF format, pay bills directly in the portal, and see real-time data on every order at any level of processing.

Log in remotely from anywhere in the world and access the data or services they need.

The benefits of Customer Portal ByDintec Add-On are manifold:

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Work More Efficiently: By automating access to crucial data, both your team and your customers can save time.

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Save Money: Self-service options reduce the need for customer service staff and resources.

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Improve Customer Satisfaction: Providing customers with easy, anytime access to their information boosts satisfaction and loyalty.

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Reduce Errors: Automated processes and direct access reduce the chance of data entry errors.

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Stay Ahead of the Competition: Offering a modern, convenient service helps differentiate your business in a competitive marketplace.

Any organization that uses SAP ByDesign can now adopt the Customer Portal ByDintec Add-On.

Why Choose Dintec?

Dintec is a beacon of assistance for our clients, helping them utilize, optimize, and expand their SAP Business ByDesign solutions. Additionally, we proudly bear the distinction of being the first partner to achieve SAP Recognized Expertise in SAP Business ByDesign.

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