Empower Self-Service With the Customer Portal ByDintec Add-On for SAP ByDesign

Providing a great customer experience requires technology solutions that empower people to be more efficient. In today’s increasingly digital-first world, that means offering self-service options.

A consumer survey by Nuance Enterprise shows that 67% of respondents prefer self-service over speaking to a company representative. And in a study of more than 8,000 customer journeys, Gartner research finds that 70% of customers are using self-service channels.

Now it’s easy for companies using SAP Business ByDesign Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to offer such options. The new Customer Portal ByDintec Add-On empowers any company with ByDesign to provide clients with self-service access to their account information. This includes customer invoices, sales orders, order status updates and any other data created during the order-to-cash process.

An Economical Solution Built Specifically for SAP Business ByDesign

SAP doesn’t include built-in customer portal functionality for ByDesign. With the Customer Portal ByDintec Add-On, companies using ByDesign get a cost-effective solution designed for small and midsize businesses.

This unique add-on was developed after years of work creating and supporting DINTEC’s E-Commerce Cloud ByDintec solution, an e-commerce platform that integrates with ByDesign. The new customer portal leverages that technology to make it easy for customers to log in remotely from anywhere in the world and access the data or services they need.

The deep interconnection with ByDesign allows for any information regarding a customer’s account to be presented in the portal. As a result, customers can download invoices in PDF format, pay invoices directly in the portal and see real-time details on any order at any stage of processing.

5 Key Benefits of the Customer Portal ByDintec Add-On

The add-on builds on the core values of the ByDesign cloud ERP solution –

Efficiency, Adaptability and Transparency.

Leveraging the customer portal helps companies using ByDesign:

  1. Work More Efficiently
    The self-service portal provides significant time savings. Consider the time spent taking phone calls or email requests for invoices, looking them up in ByDesign and sending them to customers. You can eliminate several hours’ worth of repetitive manual tasks every month by using the portal.
  2. Save Money
    Companies using ByDesign that handle even a medium number of customer requests per month manually will see a return on investment (ROI) by using the portal.
  3. Improve Customer Satisfaction
    The portal is available 24/7, so customers don’t have to wait for regular business hours to access and pay invoices or find information. This is especially useful for ByDesign clients that have customers in different time zones.
  4. Reduce Errors
    With the self-service functionality of the portal, the risk of human error is minimized. For example, you’re less likely to send customers the wrong document or apply payment to the wrong invoice.
  5. Stay Ahead of the Competition
    The portal shows clients that your business is adapting to the digital world and improving your systems to empower a better customer experience.

The new Customer Portal ByDintec Add-On is ready to be implemented now by any company using ByDesign. Want to learn more about the add-on or see a demo? Let’s connect by scheduling a call.