The Opportunities and Advantages of E-Commerce Plus Cloud ERP

With digital transformation affecting virtually every industry, opening new online avenues of business is a must to remain competitive. However, not every business has the tools or know-how to balance the twin bottlenecks that growing organizations face – keeping up with demand and ensuring efficient delivery.

While many e-commerce platforms are available, most are standalone systems that lack the benefits of a fully integrated ERP solution. To reap the rewards that digital transformation enables, small and midsize organizations should embrace cloud ERP systems with the scalability and integrability they need to keep up with the competition.

Here’s an overview of the opportunities and advantages that a cloud-based ERP approach to e-commerce offers.

The Opportunity of E-Commerce

Companies of all sizes and industries are increasingly adopting multi-channel approaches to doing business. “Multi-channel” refers to providing customers with a seamless shopping experience, whether they’re shopping on a computer, on a mobile device or in a physical store.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers were increasingly shopping online. At the peak of the pandemic, online sales grew by nearly 50%, and a Shopify study shows 87% of merchants believe that expanding online sales into new markets is one of their company’s primary growth opportunities.

This trend has fueled new consumer expectations around digital technology, such as the need for mobile-readiness and real-time visibility. In fact, while companies with weak omni-channel strategies retain 33% of their customers on average, research by Aberdeen Group shows companies with the strongest omni-channel customer engagement strategies retain 89% of customers.
From improving business resilience to attracting and retaining talent, here are some of the main advantages that DINTEC’s E-Commerce Cloud powered by SAP Business ByDesign offers growing organizations.

Advantage #1: Better Visibility Across Channels

Adopting a fully integrated solution like E-Commerce Cloud ByDintec enables businesses to gain a single, comprehensive view of their operations. This heightened visibility enables smoother delivery and decision-making across multiple channels of business – no more scrambling to make sure you have the inventory to honor online purchases.

Advantage #2: Accelerated Global Growth

Leading multi-channel solutions like E-Commerce Cloud ByDintec offer businesses the ability to quickly seize new business opportunities through faster market analysis. Combined with the multi-country and multi-currency functionality of SAP Business ByDesign, this emphasis on scalability allows for more efficient expansion.
For example, GALPA Exports had a single location and operated in one country when they enlisted DINTEC’s help. Three years after implementing E-Commerce Cloud ByDintec, this client:

  • Increased in size by 300%
  • Saw a 3x increase in sales
  • Has eight locations

To learn about GALPA’s omni-commerce journey, as well as how DINTEC has helped other organizations grow, check out more success stories.

Advantage #3: Help Manufacturers Be More Efficient

In a recent blog post, we talked about how SAP Business ByDesign’s many features and add-ons can help wholesale distributors and retailers adopt Agile warehouse management. However, the ByDesign cloud ERP that is part of the E-Commerce Cloud ByDintec solution will also offer similar advantages for the manufacturing space.

For example, the exceptional customizability of ByDesign, along with the ability to analyze data in real time, allows manufacturers to align their business processes and forecast more accurately. Plus, the automated efficiencies of leading cloud ERPs makes for a smoother, less error-prone production process, enabling manufacturers to attract and retain talent.

With digital transformation here to stay, e-commerce will continue to be an ever-more critical component of the economic landscape. Leveraging E-Commerce Cloud ByDintec, which combines solutions from DINTEC Consulting and SAP, helps small and midsize organizations to seamlessly adopt a comprehensive approach to e-commerce – with features that grow alongside them.

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