Dintec Transforms Transportation Logistics Company with SAP Business ByDesign: A Comprehensive Journey

When it comes to a dynamic business landscape such as transportation logistics, the importance of a powerful ERP solution cannot be overstated. The story of our client’s ERP Cloud transformation journey is a shining testament to this fact. This company, a multi-billion dollar transportation logistics enterprise with an extensive network of over 1,000 agents, 10,000+ leased owner-operators, 18,000+ trailers and trailing equipment, and 95,000+ approved capacity providers, exemplifies the remarkable outcomes achievable when global-scale capabilities intertwine with localized operations. Dintec's implementation of SAP Business ByDesign significantly contributed to this impressive transformation, optimizing supply chain management and enhancing financial reporting.

SAP Business ByDesign: Fueling Business Evolution


At Dintec, we are immensely proud to have been a part of this transformation, where SAP Business ByDesign served as the cornerstone for reshaping the organization's business practices. This comprehensive cloud ERP software solution boasts an on-demand business management platform, delivering large-scale business application capabilities without necessitating a broad IT support infrastructure.

For organizations striving for growth and scalability, SAP Business ByDesign is a game-changer. The capabilities it brings to the table include everything from accounting and financials to manufacturing, supply chain management, project management, and more. Its inherent flexibility and adaptability make it an ideal solution for large, complex businesses like our transportation logistics client.

Integration and Customization: Crafting a Unique Business Framework


One of the most critical aspects of our work with this logistics giant was the seamless integration of the Transport Management System (TMS) with a modern cloud-based ERP/Finance system. This undertaking aimed at offering a streamlined user experience, eliminating fragmentation and data silos, and paving the way for efficient, unified operations.

With our in-depth industry-specific knowledge and vast experience, the Dintec team developed unique customizations tailored to the organization's specific needs. This process involved implementing industry-specific features such as load-level profitability tracking and flexible customer invoice correction processes. These adaptations were designed to enhance the business's efficiency, transparency and scalability, making it easier for them to manage their operations effectively and serve their customers better.

Reinventing Financial Backend and Reporting: The Path to Precision


A crucial part of our mission was the complete reinvention of the financial backend. We accomplished this through the automation of various critical processes such as General Ledger, supplier/customer invoicing, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and cash management. Through the expertise of Dintec and our expert consultants, the organization achieved real-time and accurate financial reporting.

Our implementation also significantly improved intercompany-related activities and bank integration. The updated financial operations provided the logistics company with a robust, streamlined backend, eliminating redundancies and errors, providing a base for EDI with customers and ensuring precision in every financial transaction.

Fostering Adoption and Growth: The Power of Engagement


At Dintec, we understand that the technical aspects of ERP implementation are just one piece of the puzzle. Business and user adoption are critical success factors in any digital transformation. To this end, we facilitated a seamless transition by conducting targeted training sessions, offering robust support and assistance in the best use of the system, and focusing on project management.

 Our approach led to improved customer service, enhanced transparency, and a significant boost in satisfaction levels across teams. This successful adoption has now set the foundation for exciting future opportunities. The organization is well positioned to expand into cross-system analytics and further refine its banking processes.

 The story of this transportation logistics company serves as a compelling case study of how a powerful ERP solution like SAP Business ByDesign, coupled with strategic implementation, can revolutionize a business. The combination of local service and global capabilities that this Fortune 500 company achieved through our partnership provides an inspiring narrative of digital transformation, efficiency, and growth.


At Dintec, we are committed to helping organizations unlock their potential through cutting-edge SAP ERP solutions. Stay connected for more insights into how we are shaping the future of business with intelligent ERP systems.