SAP Business One


Business Management


A single integrated business management application for SME

The SAP Business One application integrates all core business functions of your entire business (including financial management, sales, managing customer relations, e-commerce, inventory management and operations). Unlike many other small business solutions available on the market today, SAP Business One is a single application that eliminates the need for separate installations and complex integration of multiple modules.








Drawing on 35 years of experience in developing business management software, SAP created Business One SAP from scratch, with the sole purpose of meeting the changing needs, and sector specific, of small companies like yours.

The SAP Business One software includes:
  • Financial Management: Automate, integrate and manage all financial and accounting processes.
  • Warehousing and production: Manage inventory across multiple warehouses, track the movement of inventory, and manage production orders based on material requirements planning.
  • Customer relationships management: Increase customer profitability and increase customer satisfaction with effective management of sales and opportunities, and customer service after the sale.
  • Purchasing: Automate your procurement process completely, from order to payment of the supplier's invoice.
  • Report management: Take action based on immediate and complete information with comprehensive reports in real-time.





With SAP Business One solution, you can:

  • Improve efficiency for a stronger bottom line: Centralize and integrate your entire business-sales, inventory, purchasing, operations and finance, in one system, eliminating repeated data entries, errors and costs.
  • Focus on growing your business: Streamline operations from start to finish so you can concentrate on making your business more profitable.
  • Make smarter and faster decisions: Gather information about your company in a single data source, so you can make immediate breakdowns using complete and current information so your people can respond quickly to customer needs, with greater autonomy and decision-making capacity.
  • Generate value in less time: Have everything in place and running within six to eight weeks within a single application. The intuitive user experience minimizes user training, and lowers cost of permanent IT support.
  • Support your changing needs:  With customization tools that are easy to use and more than 550 complementary solutions provided by our partners in software solutions, SAP Business One can be adapted and expanded flexibly to meet the specific needs of your.